Instructor: Charles Owens

Level: All

Age: Teens & Adults

4 Week Mini-Series: Thursdays, 10/29/20 - 11/19/20

7pm – 7:55pm

*All classes held via Zoom

Description: Explore jazz with an expert through guided listening. Learn to listen with intent and awareness while increasing your understanding and enjoyment with descriptions of the instruments, their roles, and what each member of the ensemble is doing not only as an individuals but for the greater good of the collective. 

Learn the vocabulary that you need to describe what you are hearing. Gain historical context through factual and anecdotal information all presented by someone who has loved, studied, and practiced this music for decades.

Prerequisite: None, just an appreciation for music!

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Charles Owens

Instrument: Saxophone, Piano, Music Theory, Jazz Harmony, Improvisation, Composition, Arranging

Style(s)/Genres: All styles and genres

I've been in love with music since (apparently) before I can remember. There is a picture of me as a baby still in diapers holding myself up at the piano. Music still has a strong hold on me and that's how I want it.  Music  - Melody, Harmony , and Rhythm is a natural part of life on this planet. The closer I get to music, the closer I get to love, peace, and happiness. 

Musical Dream/Fun Fact: 

I performed with The Roots at Scott Stadium for a crowd of 55,000 people at The Concert For Charlottesville