Instructor: Madeline Holly-Sales

Level: Beginner

Ages: Teens and Adults

Fall Session II (6 weeks):

Mondays, 10/5/20 – 11/9/20

7pm - 7:55pm

Classes will be held online via Zoom.

Description: Singing has always been a part of my life and I now consciously recognize the role it plays in my sense of balance and well-being in the world. After performing and teaching for so many years, I have developed a passion for helping others connect with their voices - finding freedom and release through singing.

Singing makes us feel good.

Singing reminds us to be playful.

Singing allows us to carry and release strong emotion.

Singing connects us to a community of music lovers and to something bigger than ourselves. 

Everyone CAN and SHOULD sing.

What is ‘Singing for Well-Being’?

- A weekly dose of playtime with the voice.

- A place to explore and enjoy the physical feeling of singing.

- A place to express the fullness of being alive right now - to celebrate, release, and create freedom

- A place to learn fun, new musical skills like harmonizing and creating melodies

Each week we will work with an original, positive theme and learn the parts that bring that theme to life. 

Prerequisite: None! This class is for complete beginners.

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Madeline Holly-Sales

Instrument(s): Voice, piano

 Style(s)/Genres: Soul, Blues, Latin Jazz

 Madeline Holly-Sales is a vocalist, musician and music educator. She is influenced and inspired by a variety of genres, ranging from soul to samba.  Madeline is passionate about helping others explore the capacity for full creative expression and a sense of well-being through singing. She believes that everyone CAN and SHOULD sing.  It feels good!

Madeline and her husband, Humberto Sales, perform locally as BELEZA.  Visit to learn more.


Musical dream (or any personal fun fact): I dream of a world in which music is an integral part of everyone's lives. Music connects us to community and something greater than ourselves, reminds us to be playful, and allows us to express the beauty and complexity of being fully human.