Instructor: Marty Collin

Level: Progressing Beginner

Ages: Teens and Adults

4 Week Mini-Session: Wednesdays, 11/18/20 - 12/18/20

*No class on 11/25

6:30pm - 7:25pm

All classes held online via Zoom

Course Description: With a basic understanding of major and minor chords and progressions, Beginner Guitar II—Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar for Teens & Adults continues the musical journey of Beginner Guitar I. This course teaches and reveals beginning fingerstyle picking technique and patterns to create rich acoustic accompaniment and a strong and colorful six-string voice. More chords, more songs, and more practice so those beginning, beautiful, ringing guitar chords, and those challenging chord changes, become part of your guitar vocabulary as you create your new library of folk and sing-along tunes. Beginner Guitar II—Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar for Teens & Adults is designed to examine and re-visit chording skills at the place where the beginner’s class left off, and to introduce new colors and voices to make your old six string guitar come to life.

Prerequisite: Beginner – Guitar I or equivalent. Familiarity with basic major and minor chords. This course is also perfect for anyone who long ago learned a few basic chords, left that guitar in the closet or under their bed to gather dust, and wants to get back in to making warm, wooden acoustic music again.

What you'll learn in this class:

Tunes: Obla Di, Obla Da, Edelweiss, Hallelujah, Day is Done, If You Could Read My Mind, Both Sides Now, Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Sunshine on My Shoulders, Daniel, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Hobo’s Lullaby, Blackbird and other tunes as time allows.

Group playing skills: Listening skills, rhythm and timing, fingerstyle picking techniques, patterns, arpeggios, accompaniment, supporting solos and voice.

What students will need:

·         Functional guitar (bridge and all 6 strings intact, tuners in working order)

·         Tuner

·         Capo

·         Folder for music and handouts

·         Paper & pencil for notetaking

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Marty Collin

Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo

 Style(s)/Genres: Folk music, blues, acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

 With a borrowed guitar from a neighbor down the road, a library card, and a record player, I taught myself how to play guitar, when I was twelve years old, and my life long journey in acoustic music has never faded. A life devoted to teaching, university and high school English instructor, theatre director, published playwright, that great and good musical spark has accompanied me on my journey from Cleveland, Ohio, to Haverhill, Massachusetts, to Durham, New Hampshire, to College Park, Maryland, to Amenia, New York, to Hagerstown, Maryland, and to Charlottesville, Virginia. My mother bought me my first guitar. It cost $11.50. She got a deal on it because it only had five strings. I am both a music instructor—I teach beginner guitar, beginner mandolin, and beginner banjo--and a student at The Front Porch.


A Nostalgic Musical Dream Sequence/Memory (or any personal fun fact):


  And when those tired and friendly maintenance folks, cooks, and kitchen staff put away their brooms and rakes, aprons and frying pans, and dried their soapy hands, they picked up their guitars and banjos on the last night of summer camp, and sang the campers to sleep, and I knew I just had to play guitar and sing out to the warm cobalt blue star-speckled summer sky.

    And when my older brother bought me a pawn store banjo, and brought it home, I knew I just had to…

And the first time I heard David Grisman play mandolin, I knew I just had to…