Instructor: Gary Green

Level: Beginner

Age: Teens and Adults

4 week mini-series: Tuesdays, 11/17 - 12/15

*no class on 11/24

5:30pm - 6:25pm

Classes will be held online via Zoom.


Class will focus on having fun exploring the musical possibilities of the 10 hole diatonic harmonica(s). All playing techniques will be discussed and applied- Chording, Single note production, Blow and Draw Bends, Overblows/Draws etc. 

Playing in different musical genres, as a soloist, as an accompanist and a layman's overview of the mechanics of the instrument will be discussed throughout the class.

Prerequisite: None

Students will leave class with greater knowledge and appreciation of the instrument, the ability to play chords, single notes and other note producing harmonica techniques.

What students will need: 

At Least ONE high quality Diatonic Harmonica in the Key of C

This course is closed for enrollment.

Gary Green




Americana, Blues, Folk, Country Etc.

Gary Green is a Charlottesville Virginia based award winning harmonica player that has been perfoming and recording for decades. In addition to being a familiar face on the local music scene, Gary has performed on such prestigious stages as The Ryman, Birchmere, Grand Ole Opry and Kennedy Center to name a few. While cutting his teeth on the Chicago Blues like so many harmonica players, he has blended it with a more emotive melodic style that fits in well with a diverse group of musical genres. 


Musical dream (or any personal fun

fact):Three years ago Jimmy Buffett showed up to a gig in New York and

I ended up playing a half hour of his iconic songs with him.