Instructor: Charles Owens
Level: Must have a basic knowledge of the notes on the piano
Ages: Teens & Adults
4 Week Mini-Session: 11/21/20 - 12/19/20 Saturdays, 3:15pm - 4:10pm

*Closed the week of Thanksgiving

Classes will be held online via Zoom.
Description: A unique approach to learning music theory by treating it as a language, abstract as it may be. I’ll present perspectives on basic music theory ideas such as the circle of fourths/fifths, major scale modes, key signature construction,
Chord/scale relationships, triad inversions, reading chord symbols, reading rhythms and much more all through the piano.

Prerequisite: You DO NOT have to be a piano player you only must have a basic knowledge of the notes on the piano.

What students will need: A piano or keyboard. Ability to use headphones with their meeting device.

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Charles Owens

Instrument: Saxophone, Piano, Music Theory, Jazz Harmony, Improvisation, Composition, Arranging

Style(s)/Genres: All styles and genres

Bio in 4-5 sentences: I've been in love with music since (apparently) before I can remember. There is a picture of me as a baby still in diapers holding myself up at the piano. Music still has a strong hold on me and that's how I want it. Music - Melody, Harmony , and Rhythm is a natural part of life on this planet. The closer I get to music, the closer I get to love, peace, and happiness. 

Musical Dream/Fun Fact: 

I performed with The Roots at Scott Stadium for a crowd of 55,000 people at The Concert For Charlottesville