Instructor: Marty Collin

Level: Beginner

Age: Teens & Adults

Price: $106 for 4 weeks

August Mini-Session: Mondays, 8/3/20 - 8/24/20

5:30pm – 6:25pm

Classes will be held online via Zoom.

Description: This introductory banjo class is perfect for first time banjo players! Students will be taught foundational skills in technique, learn their first tunes, and be immersed in the culture of traditional music by learning to play with others in a fun, and positive environment. A few times throughout the semester, this class will join other beginner classes to hone group playing skills such as chopping and playing with accompaniment.

Prerequisite: None! This class will be starting students from scratch. Students with a little prior experience but with only a tune or two under their belt may join this class as well.

What you'll learn:

  • Technique: basic rolls (Forward, Backward, Forward-Backward, and Thumb In & Out)
  • Tunes/Songs: Boil ’em Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Old Joe Clark (other similar tunes may also be used)
  • Group Playing skills: playing with accompaniment, vamping
  • Other: Reading TAB

What students will need:

  • Functional banjo (bridge and all 5 strings intact, tuners in working order)
  • Tuner
  • Picks (1 thumb pick and two finger picks)
  • Capo
  • Notebook & pencil
  • Recording device optional

Next Level: Banjo – Beginner II for Teens and Adults

If paying in full doesn’t work for your budget, you can pay in monthly installments. Pay for your first month below, and we’ll send an invoice for the remaining payments.

Marty Collin

With a borrowed guitar from a neighbor down the road and a library card, twelve-year-old Marty Collin taught himself how to play guitar, and his life long journey in acoustic music never faded. A life devoted to teaching, university and high school English instructor, theatre director, published playwright, that musical spark accompanied him on his journey from Cleveland, Ohio, to Haverhill, Massachusetts, to Durham, New Hampshire, to College Park, Maryland, to Amenia, New York, and to Hagerstown, Maryland. Newly transplanted to Charlottesville, Virginia, he has recently taught weekly mandolin, banjo, and guitar lessons and was the faculty advisor to the folk music club at Saint James School in Maryland. From the 2017 Saint James School yearbook, his former mandolin student, Martin McGuigan, Class of 2017, writes: And of course, who could think of Mr. Collin and not immediately hear music? He is by no means shy in sharing his love of music. As he integrates his passion into almost every facet of Saint James life, he shows the true extent to which he is a member of this community. Whether playing banjo as a crossing guard for home cross country meets, playing guitar in his classes, or playing mandolin with me and the rest of our Blue Chair bluegrass group every Tuesday, his dedication to music knows no bounds.

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August Mini-Session

Mondays, 8/3/20 - 8/24/20